Monday, May 5, 2014

Bratwurst and Wine?

I cook with wine often.  My thought is that if what I'm preparing requires a liquid, make it something that has flavor.  Water works as it meets the liquid requirement but falls far short in the taste category.  Of course, I'm not saying that water can be know what I mean.  Anyway, this weekend my sons wanted Bratwursts.  No problem.  I had poured myself a glass of wine already because, as I've said, I cook with wine often. Typically when I cook bratwursts, I simmer them in beer first before I finish them on the grill.  Those lucky "brats" got to simmer and soak up one of my favorite beers, Hoegaarden.  Nothing but the best for my "brats".   As the beer simmered out of the pan, I added Vidalia onions.  Once the brats had graduated to the grill, I wanted to make something extra special out of those pan drippings and caramelized onions.  So I decided to share what I was drinking with what was left in the pan.  With a little butter and a drop of Worcestershire Sauce, I poured in some Pietra Santa Sacred Stone's Master Blend.  Masterful!  Those onions were the perfect accompaniment to the brats but I bet they would have been fantastic on the bun by themselves (if you've ever craved an onion sandwich).  In the glass, the wine is bold, a little earthy, but filled with hints of cherries and plum.  It would go great with your grilled meats this summer!  

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