Thursday, May 8, 2014

How Much to Pay for a Rose'

We are still at it....selecting the best wines for our online club and store.  Yesterday, we were introduced to everything from a fruity, sparkling wine from Hungary to a bold red blend dominated by Zinfandel from California.  One of the wines that we tasted with a Rose' made of Grenache. When I asked the cost of the wine, I quickly realized at normal retail markup, this would have to retail for $30.  What!  A $30 Rose???  I had never paid $30 for a Rose' and wondered... would I?  And more importantly, could I sell it.  With yesterday's wine tasting, we had grilled foods that ran the gamut.  We had vegan black bean burgers with guacamole, lemon pepper salmon, and delectable New York Strip steaks as our showstoppers.  The Rose' held its own with the evening meal, not that we were actually trying to pair anything in particular.  But the question was raised...just how much would you pay for a Rose'?  This particular one had a great balance of acidity and the essence of strawberry.  Slightly chilled, it was a star under a beautiful sunset.  But at the end of the day, a decision had to be made.  This is business and as far as Rose' are concerned, I've tasted better for less! This one didn't make the cut.  But still looking!  So we want to know...what's your favorite Rose'?

Shout out to The Tipsy Sommelier for helping to make my job fun!  If you are looking for fun wine classes, visit her site at

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