Monday, May 25, 2015

When Pairing Goes Wrong

I know!  It's been quite a while since I have blogged anything.  I have been quite busy with other aspects of the company.  Have I still been drinking wine?  Yes.  Have I still had thoughts to share?  Yes. But all of the IT folks that I know have warned against having liquids near the computer so the choice was wine glass or computer.

This weekend, I took myself on a dinner date.  I wanted three things:  a patio, sun, and seafood. I crave patio dining in the spring!  Clear skies and warm temps make me one happy girl.  I found what I wanted at Riptides.  Walking in, I read on the specials board that they had a swordfish topped with a Thai Sweet Chile Sauce.  It sounded delicious but before even being seated, I knew that I may have a conflict on my hands.  You see, I wanted to taste the season.  I wanted the brightness of the sky in my glass.  I wanted Sauvignon Blanc. What I love about the wine is the barely ripe grapefruit characteristic of those from New Zealand.  I ordered a glass...from New Zealand, and it was everything that I wanted.  It was chilled a little colder than a wine snob may recommend but just the way I desired on this warm evening.  As I waited for my dinner to arrive (I went with the special), I savored my liquid companion.  The crispness of the wine was a great backdrop to the hint of green tropical fruit on the nose and the bright citrus that pleased the palate.  I have to admit though that as I enjoyed the wine and the atmosphere, I was a little distracted by what I knew was going to be a bad relationship.  This Sauvignon Blanc was not going to be a good pairing with the sauce on my fish.  I was contemplating ordering a glass of iced tea to have with my meal.  Maybe I would finish the wine before the food came and then order something else, I thought.  But the pour was pretty generous, and, although the restaurant was busy, the food came fairly quickly.  I had to make a decision.  Order more wine with my meal or try to force this marriage of Sauvignon Blanc and Thai Sweet Chile.  Well I didn't force it or order something else from the cellar.  I did what all sensible wine drinkers would do.  I enjoyed my dinner and finished my wine when done.

I get asked a lot to pair wines with meals.  I do it when asked but I first try to find out what the person enjoys.  You should drink what you like and not worry about what foods it pairs with.  I am no expert.  I just have more practice than a lot of people.  Like you, I drink what I like most of the time despite what I am having to eat.  I just drink it before or after the meal. Oh, who am I kidding?  The wine just may be my meal.  So this is for you:  when wine pairing goes wrong, give the wine your undivided attention.  Make it the finale.

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