Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Different Wine Club Experience

While wading through the "process" of opening an online wine club and retail shop, let me share a peek inside of "The Vine". The goal is to create an interactive experience for our members.  Each month, our members will receive two bottles of wine.  As a member, you will also be offered special discounts on our featured wines and other products.  Like other wine clubs, you will have the opportunity to buy top quality wines produced by some of the world's finest wine makers.  Our members will be invited to share knowledge, personal preferences, and taste through our blog (Something to Wine About) and on our live radio show "Off The Vine with Benita and Terricinia" that will air on Fridays at 3:00 pm starting June 6.  We are going places, literally, with wine trips planned to festivals and wineries both domestically and abroad.  Membership packages go on sale June 9 with special discounts offered for those who enroll early!

(I am looking for another word to use for our members because I am tired of writing the word "member" and you must be tired of reading it!  I will have a name next week but will gladly take your suggestions.)

Remember to follow us on Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest at TheVineWineClub.  We promise to keep you informed.  The first wine trip is being planned now.  Information coming soon.


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