Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Wine, I've Cheated but I Love You Still

I was raised by my dad.  When he had his friends over, I never saw little cute drinks with umbrellas in them.  I rarely saw them mix anything with orange juice and never even had cranberry juice in my refrigerator until I became an adult.  When I think back, the only wine we had was Tawny Port. and trust me, it wasn't a good one.  What I saw were various versions of liquid that looked like tea and smelled like gasoline. (And burned like hell!)  I knew that one day, although I've become sorta like a wine expert, I would take it back "home" to explore what my father and his friends were drinking and cozy up to the brown liquor.

So here is my confession.  I have fallen in love with Bourbon.

Recently, G and I visited a friend who is a real Bourbon connoisseur.  He has launched a company that does Bourbon education through classes or parties.  His Bourbon stash looked more robust than most ABC store whiskey aisles!  During our visit, our friend treated us to one of his Bourbon "tours".  We discussed many of the nuances that make this fine whiskey as diverse and refined as wine.  Made with at least 51% corn in new oak barrels that have been charred on the inside, I found that the care put into achieving optimal results was no different than the making of a quality wine.  As we talked, even the language in describing the nose, taste, and textures were no different than what we use when we talk about the qualities of wine.  After tasting about 9 different Bourbons, I knew that I could do this all night and still not know all that there is to know about the complexities of Bourbon.  But because I'm in love, the courtship will continue.

Any good Sommelier should know not only wine but spirits as well.  So I am committed to stepping up my game by becoming a Bourbon Sommelier (yes, that is a real things!).  Over the next few months, my friend and I will be planning an event that features my two and stay tuned!

If you're interested in a Bourbon tasting or class, email me at  I will pass your information along to my friend (until we officially rollout his marketing plan).

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